Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Halloween 2014

We've had decorations up throughout October so Molly was very excited to go Trick or Treating with her cousins. Halloween morning she dressed as a fairy princess for Nursery. When Jamie took the costume into the living room to get her dressed in front of the fire I could hear her shouting YESYESYESYES!  
We'd been asking Molly what she wanted to dress up as for a while and for the first few weeks she wanted to be a Pizza. Which I thought would be really fun to make but then she saw a Power Ranger costume on my computer when I was browsing blogs and that was it, she HAD to be a Power Ranger and it's all she spoke of when the subject of Halloween arose. She wouldn't let me get a picture of her in her helmet at home but Gangan got a good one of her with her cousins sans helmet.. I got the joy of carrying that around the neighbourhood. She greeted any fellow Halloweeners with 'HAPPY TRICK OR TREAT!!' and I just could not get over how cute and small she looked in comparison to all the other brutish children.
Some Halloween crafting: 
I love the bits Molly brings home from Nursery, she is always so proud to have them on display. She also made her very own autumn leaves picture with Taid last week, he'd carefully dried them ready and she didn't want to stop and go home. Klaus didn't get a costume but he was obsessed with Pumpkin innards..
And thus concludes our Halloween. I've really enjoyed this October. I feel like we're busier than ever and I kind of love it/want it to slow down again. Though.. sleigh bells will br ringing soon eeeeee!

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  1. MOLLY IS SO GROWN UP!!! i can't get over it! beautiful girl!! xxxx