Friday, 12 December 2014

December Festivities

Packing a whole house down whilst unsure of a moving date does not help in getting one to feel festive!

However I have been trying to get Molly in the mood as she has been quite anxious about leaving behind 'our lovely house'. Moving in the summer is much more fun I can tell you..

We visited Gullivers Kingdom with nursery. It was very cold but a really good day! Molly was a little unsure of Father Christmas and he asked her if she was good a few too many times despite us both saying that she had been! She was so pleased with her awful box of plastic though. I had tried to convince her to get the art set but she was determined to get the 'princess box'. She stroked it the whole coach ride home.

After the maddness of rides and Santa we went to see the Panto. When they asked for a volunteer Molly was chosen and went up on stage all by herself!! No prompting or help needed <3 I have never been so proud of my confident, sweet girl. We are the luckiest parents in the world.  
As our moving date got put back from December the 12th to the 19th, we decided to put up our tree as Molly kept asking why our house wasn't decorated but the rest of the houses in the street were. To get us in the mood we put up the tree and made some Christmas cards. I also managed to get my hands on the Playmobil advent calender this year. It wasn't as easy as previous years and it wasn't as cheap but a few days into December we got it! Molly was very pleased but after the first day of opening six boxes she was put out to have to go on with only one at a time. I might start a Christmas card sweatshop in here...

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