Saturday, 31 January 2015

My big sister got married!!!

My sister got married last Friday!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAARGH! It was a massive cry fest. It was truly beautiful.

The night before I was drying my hair at midnight, knowing I'd have to be at the hotel for six to get started on it. Managed to get there just in time! Phew! Jamie woke up with an allergic reaction. Like, full on red face! So I had to drive to get him some anti allergy tablets, just a couple of hours before the wedding, in my pyjamas! Fortunately the Chemist had a Peacocks next door, so I snagged a clutch in the sale, as I'd forgotten my pre-bought bag! Then I kept crying!! I cried when Rhiannon got dressed, I cried when her dad saw her for the first time and told her she was beautiful. I cried when she gave us our bridesmaid bracelets. I SOBBED down the aisle. It was so bad everyone laughed at me.

It truly was one of the best days/nights of my life. All our family together, all super happy.
Also, the breakfast. I could have eaten and eaten and eaten all day.

Congratulations Mark and Rhiannon!

We do good at family selfies!

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