Sunday, 18 January 2015

2015 Plans

I'm writing this listening to the wind whip around our new house. It's finally given me the idea for a new name for this space. I hope I don't go off it like all the others.

I took the above picture on our way home from Wales. When it's just Molly and I in the car I'll do that, pull over and take pictures. Jamie just likes to get to where we're going haha.

I don't have a huge list this year. OK yeah I do..

1// Decorate our new home. This is kind of a never ending list, especially with my recent exhaustion. I plan to revisit this list each month with pictures to go with. Our main priorities are:
- Strip wallpaper, and plaster Molly's room before completely re-decorating (floor included) she's really quite unhappy with the way it is now as her old bedroom was very very pretty, and the walls in this one are not.
- Plaster all the artex flat (there's a lot of artex..)
- Paper the dining room (Jamie stripped it last weekend the starman) and then paint & put up shelves
- New floor in the dining room, blood red carpet is not my favourite!
- Paint the pine cladding in the downstairs bathroom.
- Tile in the downstairs bathroom
- Strip wallpaper, paint and decorate our dressing room.
- Demo en-suite
- Do something with our main bathroom (pink tiles, carpet, pine cladding, no shower, textured wallpaper painted black!?) Yeah..
- Strip and repaper spare room. Change hideous shag carpet.
- Paint kitchen cabinets, change worktop, new sink, new gas oven and hob (I hate electric)

We hope to get most of this done in the next six months. Wish us luck!

2// Make more. I'm starting a new blog series to get me making more. I need to find a space (somewhere!) to store my sewing machine so it's easy to get out and get making. So many ideas, so little time.

3// Practice yoga five times a week. I am hugely inspired by Nina and I hope to make the time regularly this year, as I was very sporadic last year (mostly only practicing during shark week as it eases my cramps)

4// Get dressed. I know this sound ridiculous but I live in my pyjamas when I'm not at work. A work in progress, pjs are so comfortable in a chilly house!

5// Cook from scratch. Jamie cooks much more than I do, and I'm ok with that. I'm quite lazy. I would rather read that cook. And yeah I am ok with that. But I do want to try some recipes that create enough to get a freezer meal out of, and that I can eat at work for the days following. So more casseroles and less toast ;)

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