Saturday, 28 February 2015

Molly's Bedroom Inspiration.

Our first major project is Molly's bedroom.

She's our priority and she still asks for her old bedroom 'When will we move back to our old house?' it breaks my heart. I think she liked how decorated it was, all fairy lights and pretty. Her bedroom looked like this. I rearranged it a few times after I took these pictures, but it was a very pretty room.

I want it to be a room she can grow up in and change without having to have the whole thing repainted every two years. Jamie would like it to be less sugary. I was very disappointed when we painted her last one this white with a hint of pink and it dried into such an IM PINK shade. But we never got around to re-doing it and it stayed, and Molly loved it. Her main request is for a rainbow room with lots of pink. I have an idea how I'm going to get around that on.. I think!

Anyhow above is the mood board, below is her current set up in our bedroom while we get hers insulated and plastered. She's loving 'sleeping over' ha!

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