Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Bluebells.

I'm sorry I've gone a little OTT on the bluebell pictures.. but she's just so gorgeous! And there are a lot more on my memory card HA. They really bring out the blue in her eyes, though they're so electric.

I hate to say this, since we always planned to move for the last time but I was having buyers ummm not necessarily regret but, maybe buyers worry?? Is that a thing? I liked our village, I liked our house(not the kitchen situation but everything else), I'm not sure about the small garden, I loooove Molly's school but I wasn't 100% sold on everything. I guess it just ate at me that we didn't live within walking distance of Swithland Woods (the place Jamie proposed). Until.... we found this place! Our local (I mean seeeeeriously, like walking distance local) woods!!!! How could I not have been here before!??? I'm sooooo happy. Emilie, Margaux and I scouted it out for Molly and took a few pictures in the process. 
Excuse my face, I was not photo prepared, I was playing "photo taker" not "photographed". I'm not comfortable being called photographer I'm way too rabbish for that. 

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