Monday, 23 May 2016


The day Margaux was born our new sofa arrived (thankfully!!) Perfect timing since getting Breastfeeding established in those first few weeks is not ideal if you're having to share one small sofa with the revolving door of visitors. And YES feeding every 45 minutes it absolutely normal thank you very much.. you'd be hungry 'again' if your tummy was not much bigger than a marble and you were also filling your nappy every 45 minutes.. 
Now I hate to waste money, but we did jump into a two seater sofa without really thinking about the space and how many children would want to me on 'my' sofa. Jamie has the big leather one. I have the small one. Take one guess where the girls want to sit 80% of the time.. yep. It's just not big enough. And it looks a little lost against our big back wall. And to think Jamie wasn't even sure we needed another sofa! SO here is a bit of sofa dreamin'.. wishin'.. hopin'.. and pinteresting ;) I really love these corner sofa's but our room just wouldn't work it.

sofa blog
OK so maaaaybe not white with two small humans..
Grey with cushions is definitely my jam. DFS (below) have definitely upped their game since we bought our leather John Lewis number five years ago AND all the small female humans and I would fit on this one!!
Or maybe a snuggler armchair would be better:

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