Sunday, 29 May 2016

More Bluebells

THIS is how excited everyone was about taking family Bluebell pictures. And we've got an INCREDIBLE selection of outtakes. Like I feel Buzzfeed might have done a thing on bad family photos.. They belong on one of those haha.

Anyway, I took these balancing my camera on the pram a few weeks ago. And bad as they are (me posing looking like a D, everyone else absolutely not and looking amazing) I freaking love them and want one of them printed like suuuuper big.

Feels kinda weird to be blogging again. I've been 'going back in time' so much on this lately that realtime blogging just felt like a faraway daydream because I've missed it so much. I really hate typing on Jamie's laptop.

So what's even weirder is that Jamie's out, Margaux's been finding it even harder to go to sleep recently so I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't just pass her over to him (apparently daddy means laughter and sleep now, I'm just tits) Anyway, pass me the cherry pie - she's asleep in her cot!!!!!! And no, I am not doing housework. I'm eating and blogging ;)

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^^This is the winner for me. Babes.

UPDATE. She woke up. I need to pee.

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