Monday, 13 June 2016


This weekend we went to Eastbourne to a family Wedding. As we've never travelled together since I, Molly and Margaux joined the family we thought we'd extend the visit. We stayed in the BEAUTIFUL Bassets House. Jamie and I were lucky enough to have the best room with the Sea view. It was phenomenal. Run by two wonderful hosts Catherine and Howard (Catherine will make you cry with laughter - what whit!) and the breakfast is on point. I'm secretly redesigning our bedroom in coastal hues haha. 

Back to Eastbourne. On the first night we got there (after my first standstill motorway experience) we raced down to the beach at Sundown before our first family meal. 

I've put the wedding pictures in a separate post as there are sooo many haha! 
The Pier is rather beautiful, so it was lovely to spend some time there enjoying the sunshine until the Seagulls decided to join us!
I went on a walk to get Margaux to nap and managed to find the most beautiful beach huts. It made me a bit sad that I couldn't take the pram on the stones for a lone paddle though. If we ever live by the sea in another life, I'll need an off roader buggy! 
Special mention to the photo above taken from our Hotel Room - Jamie taking Molly to fly her first kite at 7.30am! He's the best daddy. Thank you for everything you do for our children.
Beware Of The Trains: she wanted a picture with the trains so she didn't forget how special they were before after dinner ice-cream. 
Molly needed to cool down after mini golf (while I was walking I hate mini golf.. sorry mini golf family) so we found a play pool. All in all I think it was a rather perfect weekend. Just what the doctor ordered.

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