Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Liam and Natalie's Wedding.

I had to separate these pictures from the Eastbourne lot as I love them so much! I only took pictures on my phone and now I'm slightly regretting it! At weddings I try not to get behind the camera because I want to really be there, and that's what the photographer is paid for. But I kinda wish some of these were a better resolution. Maybe I need a small new one?? Haaa. I also took a ton of videos on Snapchat - I wish Snapchat had a way of grouping them together onto one so that I had a little video of the night. Anyway, off topic!
Both babies fell asleep at the end of the ceremony!! For a five year old that doesn't nap it was a bit crazy! Also, Margaux winged and showed the whole room my boobs until the very last second when she fell asleep. Thanks little heckler! 
Moly really attached herself onto Jamie's cousin Jeanie. I may have got a bit jealous - she wouldn't dance with me because the amps made her chest 'feel tight and hurt'. Happy to dance with Jeanie though.. J-dawg also held a frog for her to touch. Big points on that one! Thank you for loving my munchkin <3
Perfect day guys! Congratulations <3

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