Thursday, 28 July 2016

July means..

July means two things, Chaz' Birthday, and Strawberry picking. We go every year (with Aunty Chaz since Jamie has an "allergy" to strawberries.. I'm on to you Roberts). Molly and I usually eat them all by the end of the day and this year we got through them even quicker with the help of baby Roberts.
Last years photo's haven't been edited yet as they are Raw files.. and I don't have a computer of my own to put my camera software on. So bear with me. They're worth the wait...for me anyhow. 
As far as summer season goes this is proving to be the best. I have two little ladies to share it with and I'm not pregnant (sorry Rhiannon). I've filled our diary with a different activity each week to make this the best.summerholiday.ever. !!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Molly's first School Summer holidays so I wanted to make sure it's extra special. I'm back at work three days a week now and I'm spending Saturdays with my grandmother who's entering the last chapter so it's extra important my days with my girls are made the most of. I always have silly worries that our bond won't be as strong if they are spending more days with other people than they are me. They're only little once and I'll never get this time again <3
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