Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Seventh of June.

(Notes from my phone)
7 June. I had the most perfect day today. Molly woke me up and we made a cave under the duvet. She was my puppy and there were monsters outside. Then we shared breakfast in her room- she didnt leave my side while I made it. Since we'd been dancing in the kitchen, I brought our radio up with us. After breakfast I ready her and Miffy a book when Roar (Katy Perry) came on- so we had a dance party in her bedroom. She insisted on shutting the curtains and having Miffy on. I gave her the flower crown my niece and sister chose for her. Then we went outside and played with her new chalk- her gift from Cardiff. After we covered some slabs in pictures we got the paints outside and made some invitations for our 'rock' party! We painted the rocks ready for their fashion show. Jamie took some pictures of us in the garden, I wore my flower crown too. After dinner and a long day of play we had a long bath just us two. Before bed I painted her nails and chatted about our perfect day together 💜 I love her so much. I'm not ready to let go of her as my only yet. Having said that I'm already so in love with this violent little baby  I know I'm already sharing my heart between these girls of mine. I hope they both know that I love every inch of them. Naughty or good, I'll treasure their every breath until I have the bad fortune of leaving them 💙 

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