Saturday, 26 December 2015

Merry Christmas from us to you

Margaux's first Christmas, Molly's fifth. I forgot to take off her horrendous Peppa Pig bottoms for the picture but hey I guess it's just me that notices stuff like that haa.

Christmas was wonderful. I was really missing my grandparents but it was SO nice to have the morning together just us four. We really didn't want to leave! Before we went to Jamie's parents for lunch my brother and his wife-to-be came over for Christmas Breakfast which was just AWESOME! I'll take any time with these guys as its just so rare and precious to see them. I'm so lucky to have the  COOLEST siblings.

Molly was pretty please with her loot. Even if it was the most flimsy, plastic, ugly collection to date! Hahaa! Adverts really do ruin interior/toy aesthetic. We all wore matching plaid so there's that too ;) At least we can still control Margaux's gifts..
We got a few that aren't too blurry, but we'll be sure to get a 'proper' one with the dog in front of the tree before we take it down.

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