Monday, 22 August 2016

The one where we talk about tonights bedtimes.

My girls.

Our dynamics are shifting again.

Putting Molly to bed tonight, she couldn't get me out of her room quick enough, no 'one more page' of the BFG. No 'huuug huuuug' it was ' can you go now?'. I'm proud of her independence. So proud. But gosh it's tough.

Margaux, sweet Margaux. She used to feed to sleep downstairs so I could have dinner straight after Molly's bed time and watch telly. Now she's too easily distracted and her feeding becomes fractious and exhausting so we settle down in mummy and daddy's room.. still not cracked the cot. Still not turned to sleep training (yet). Tonight she kept burying her face in my chest, giggling, then grinning at me. It was the cutest game ever. I really love babies. I really love my babies.

I can't believe that the biggest is closer to six than five.

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