Monday, 19 December 2011

Oh Deer.

So last week after I finished my last essay I decided to de-stress from my work and do a bit more christmas shopping, and ended up coming home with some treats for me as well.. ohh deeer. I've done a separate post for Molly's first Chrismas gifts which I will no doubt share later on in the week when my wrapping paper has finally arrived! 

I saw the Disaster Designs hair slides whilst looking for gifts in one of my favourite little local shops SET and they were just so cute I couldn't put them down, even if they did cost seven pounds. I might get some more for friends birthday presents they're great little gifts.

I love the Topshop packaging for the skull candle, even if he does look a bit like a shrunken head in this photo. I only planned to buy the socks, I wanted some nice ones to go with rolled up jeans and loafers for cold days, a look I noticed on a girl a few weeks ago that actually looked quite nice with the right socks. While I waited in the que I saw the beautiful classic underwear set, and the candle and just had to grab them! I'm not sure where the skull is going to go yet, maybe in the bathroom when I have re-organised our glass bottles. Have you done any hauls yet? I always end up 'treating myself' more in the winter months!!

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  1. Definitely treat myself more in the winter months too, it's really comforting to buy a little something for yourself while you're treating everyone else :-)

    Brilliant candle and I absolutely love the socks!! The hair slides are super cute - they'll look great with a little sidesweepy parting going on!

    Jem xXx