Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Raspberry tights, chunky knits and peterpan collars..

Molly has developed and obsession with the kitchen. She will crawl as fast as she can at any opportunity towards the door but once she gets there, she starts slapping the stone slabs in triumph which of course alerts me to her whereabouts and boom, I've planked her back in the living room. Yesterday, I let her sit IN the kitchen ON the floor and she was kinda happy about it..

I really need to give this floor a good clean. In fact I need to give the whole house a good clean. There is clutter everywhere. Once I have my bookcase and the Christmas crazy has gone away and I've done a deep clean, I WILL finish all my mini projects and do my before and after photos.. this home has gone a long way in only eight months. We're very lucky.