Thursday, 5 January 2012

Double dresses

I'm a pretty big fan of the cold. I grew up in North Wales and it was the windiest, coldest, wettest place on earth. Leicester cold is unbelievably mild to me, perfect layering weather, or so I thought. Lately it's been brutal. Each morning I've wanted to stay in bed, not even think about wearing anything other than my patchwork pyjama trousers and a thick cardie. Well, today was no exception except I had a ton of stuff to do, so I mann'd up and put Molly in her bouncer while I showered and by some miracle GOT DRESSED. My ingenious idea of wearing 'double dresses' kept me toastie all day :) I have the underneath TFNC dress in nude as well as mink, I bought them in the summer for £15 each! Half price, perfect excuse to get both.

I'm sorry for my face, I don't know why I'm apologizing for my face, it's my expressionless face! But I'm dealing with a pretty intense cough at the minute, I'm not sleeping although that came about before the cough, and my nose is like a tap, so I do look a bit drained and grumpy.

That awkward moment when I didn't focus my camera.

The peterpan collar dress- TFNC, the breton dress- UO, the jacket- H&M, the velvet shoes- Topshop, the crochet bow- Forever 21, Snood- ASOS, Knit handwarmers/mittens- My mother made me these, she owns a wool shop and can knit ANYTHING!

GOD I love her!
Sorry this isn't better quality, I didn't set it up for Jamie and he knows nothing about cameras! I'm lucky I got a tripod, he was getting rather bored of photographing me (he's only done it twice!!)


  1. I love these outfits! Awww, the last photograph! So cute!! xx

  2. Such a cute baby! and that dress is very pretty x

  3. Thankyou so much everyone :)
    She is a cutie :D
    Hahaaa Amrit I didn't know you had blogspot!! xx

  4. love how you've teamed up two dresses for an outfit! and you daughter looks adorable!


  5. I like the dress! It's so cute!

  6. Thankyou so much ladies :) It was very cold!! Hehe! xx