Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tigers, Stripes and Walruses.

Yesterday we gave Mollymoo to Jamie's mum and dad for the evening so we could go on our 'date'. The date on which Jamie was supposed to give me my watch!! But it was just as nice having already been given the watch to have a night just the two of us :) First we went to watch the Leicester Tigers, my first ever Rugby game. It was so cold, we had to share a glove! We were planning on going to the cinema afterwards to see Sherlock Holmes, but Molly had been a little clingy lately so we decided just to go for dinner in case she was difficult getting to bed. I hope we get to see it before it finishes at the cinema. We went to Terracotta for an all you can eat buffet, needless to say I'm still full! We didn't watch much of the Rugby, it was so nice just to chat we're usually so focused on Molly and her toilet trips that day to really spend time together.

Because it was so COLD I wore Jeans from Madewell, Studded shoes from Topshop (instantly regretted not wearing socks!! I brought heeled boots to change into for dinner but my feet were so numb I thought my toes might break if I put them in!) Shirt from Primark, Jumper from Madewell (SO gutted they don't ship to the UK) and Jacket from H&M, Watch Michael Kors.


  1. Hehe, Matt and I went to Terracotta on Thursday. Love that place! I didn't like the "cheesecake" much though! Also, sherlock holmes is awesome. Go watch it! xx

  2. I love those shoes! It's stunning :)
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  3. hey there! thankyou so much for the lovely comment ou left on my blog! I've just had a good read of yours-love all your pictures and your daughter is just divine! I'll be checking back again soon!

    XO Amie

  4. Your blog is so cool!And you have the prettiest baby in the world **
    I'm following you (:

  5. love your style. you post the cutest pictures! x

  6. Thankyou so much everyone :)
    Oh she is the best little baby!! xxxx