Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my little Easter Bunny! Remember last year? Well, they still fit!! I'm so pleased. I tried to whip some up for myself too but they didn't turn out quite so well ha! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter. We did plan to visit Calke Abbey however the weather wasn't looking brilliant and my car isn't as full of petrol as I like it to be so instead we've enjoyed the festival eating bagels, hot cross buns and crumpets with lots of nice films and tea. We've not gone overboard with gifts (I would of liked to of bought her another Blabla bunny) just a little white chocolate egg to add to her collection. After I gave her room a quick tidy for these pictures she found her little Christmas box so I gave her some of her own buttons to arrange in it. She loves boxes and little trinkets and at one point this morning gave each button a little kiss. Everyone's commenting on how much of a little girl she is growing to be at the moment and I couldn't agree more. She's now singing words to songs and today repeated all the sounds of the letters on her flash cards. She still can't identify them from each other but now she's repeating me I feel like we're getting somewhere. I'm so proud. Once this weather warms up it will be time to start potty training and before I know it she will be starting school. She's still our 'beebee' for now though and I've never seen a cuter one* :)

*I might be biased ;)