Saturday, 28 June 2014


To break up the photo heavy posts I thought I'd whack this in here. A few days before we went to Wales I took Molly to Birmingham. I had wanted to stagger the trips but knowing we'd be going away and on day trips to visit family a lot over the next couple of months, I decided to take her the first chance I got. It also meant Jamie had a day to himself while he was off healing from his operation.

Day trips are perfect at this age. Now that Molly is three she is sensible enough to understand that she has to hold hands and not touch everything. Molly had asked some weeks ago to go to an Art Gallery, so I thought I would take her to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I remember very clearly going as a small child with my Dad and grandmother and I hope she might have a similar memory of our trip. I also went when I was pregnant so it was nice to return with my girl. I think waiting for the train might have been one of her favourite moments though- it's the little things with toddlers ha. We also ended up in the large Waterstones, which is always a wallet killer for me! I hope to take her to London soon, though I might wait for Jamie to take some holiday time to come with because I'm a bit of a LDNphobe..

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