Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Molly The Photographer

Molly has recently been saying 'I love you' all the time! It's probably because of the reaction she gets, but I like to think it's because she really, really loves me haha. When I was taking some photos a couple of weeks ago Molly asked to have a try with the camera, and these are the pictures she took of me. I love them, I mean I don't look like a model or anything but this is how she sees me from her angle (not my best angle I have a turkey neck, I mean!). It won't be long before she prefers a world that does not involve me, not because I'm a terrible parent but because, what children want their children involved in their narrative? So for now I'm soaking up these years as they keep flying by faster and faster. 

Some other pictures by my girl: 
Here's one she asked me to take of her when she was done playing photographer:
I love her spirit. 

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