Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter 2016

Typing Easter already seems terribly distressing. Wasn't it Christmas two weeks ago!? It feels like we only just took our tree down haha. (but really..)

We knew Jamie had Good Friday off for a while but we'd written the day off since he would be exhausted from his brief but busy day in Switzerland, haha. Anyway, we BOTH got up at 6am!!! WHAT. I say got up, Margaux hit and poked us until we woke up, then shouted at us 'til we got out of bed an hour later. And actually I don't feel as though I'm going to die.. yet.

Having gained a (sunny) day Molly chose to go to Bradgate park to see the Deer and the Ducks. We aimed to leave at 10.. but Margaux fell asleep. Lucky thing. Molly and I took her scooter to pick up picnic supplies and by the time everything was ready it was lunch time.

I am still working backwards trying to fill in the blogging gaps from my phone notes and notebook. But I'm using Jamie's laptop and it's stressing me out haha! So for now I'm going to just go for it for 2016 because I miss it. 

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