Sunday, 14 August 2016

And then she was one.

Happiest Birthday Margaux. I wanted to take a few portrait pictures of her since I did the same with Molly on her first birthday. I cant believe I've been a mummy of two for a year! Margaux's taught me a lot about patience and the art of just being. I know I wrote about the frustrations of a clingy baby here, but the joys are just as tremendous. I have adored sending hours sniffing her folds, and kissing her forehead gently. Because I've surrendered to it I've been able to just relax into her and embrace the afternoons spent stoking her hands, and toes and tiny perfect nose. I know that when she's ready she'll give me my space back. But for now I'm learning more and more to enjoy every moment of being the mummy of a baby. Soon enough she'll be a little girl. Right now she's our ferocious, grouchy little ball of noise. Look at those curls.. they're the curls of a naughty little ducking.

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