Thursday, 11 August 2016

On surrendering to a clingy baby// This post has no direction. Sorry about that.

To be honest, I'm just posting this as an excuse to have 10 minutes to myself before bed. Margaux got quite clingy tonight, and I had grand plans of organising her last years worth of photos and sewing and painting the kitchen and cleaning.. guess what got done. Nothing. She just wanted me. But not too much of me. Just the right amount that makes my arm go dead and my chest feel stifled. It's ten past ten and I'm too tired to start anything, but too awake for the sweatiness that co-sleeping can be. Honestly, I just want three hours to myself to get.shit.done. There's so much I wanted to accomplish before she turns one! I'll never take my long evenings with Molly for granted. I just thought I was the best parent ever hahaaaa!!I bathed both of them today so that's an achievement.
Tomorrow, we have the best day planned ever. So I'll just try not to stress about how I'm going to get showered in the morning. And focus on how excited we'll be post shower. OK OK. Post hair dry and make-up. I find it all such a ball ache.

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