Monday, 15 August 2016

Cheers to the weekend// one

This is the first weekend I've had at home in a while. Although we popped out and had visitors it felt like we did nothing in a good way.

We had a first birthday. But a few extra little things I want to note down;

Margaux taking her first steps tonight!!!!!! Thank you Aunty Chaz for the beautiful walker. This little miss now needs some shoes!

Molly carrying her baby sister to her birthday presents.

Margaux Rocking her arms in the air while daddy dances and sings.

Molly and Margaux kissing on the sofa at Nanny's

Molly snuggling in at bedtime tonight while we read The BFG. We don't get enough of this so I really love putting her to bed at night just us two.

Margaux 'brrrr'ing her new toy car trainer thing on her birthday. Then doing the same today at Nanny's with the little people cars.

Baking and dancing with Molly. She also helped wash up which was the cutest thing ever.

And Margaux, cuddling and loving on Lotso-huggin-bear!!! It was so sweet, she kept rocking and patting him then kissing and cuddling him and saying ahhh as she patted his back again.

Dancing to Shake it off with Margaux and 'Fat cat Chloe' aka Molly.

Sometimes it's nice to all be at home together without the interruption of work and routine. Even if we're all doing our own thing it's just nice to have the house full.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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